About Shira Bush

Board Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy
Board Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Board Certified Master Practitioner of Time Empowerment

Board Certified Scientific Neurological Hypnotherapist/Emotion Replacement Therapist
Certified Management Effectiveness Coach

Shira Bush, CHt., CMEC, ERT is a graduate of Kona University in Kona, Hawaii and is also Registered and Certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology and Academy of Coaching, San Francisco, California.  Shira is also trained and certified by Marc Savard International, the Tom Silver Institute of Hypnosis and the United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis.

Shira believes in the strength of the individual, and the power within.  Using a caring and personal approach, she has helped her clients enhance their life journey, overcome fears, release resistance and self-sabotage, accomplish goals, find relief, and move forward comfortably into confident positive living. Shiras blend of empathy and honesty, along with the belief that each person has incredible untapped potential, allows her to build partnerships based upon mutual respect, thus creating a positive atmosphere for change.  She has the ability to listen deeply, at all levels and is a deeply committed and compassionate facilitator. Each session is uniquely tailored to the client's specific goals as she leads them on a journey of self-discovery and healing.


Shira Bush is a hypnotherapist, business and management consultant, strategist, and workshop facilitator.  She specializes in developing strategies that help individuals, organizations, business professionals and communities thrive through effective leadership.  Shira has devoted the past 22 years to increasing her expertise and facilitating others to reach new levels of leadership and personal achievement in their lives and their businesses.  She coaches clients to establish goals and implement strategic plans to accomplish them, to enhance communication and leadership skills and to improve the quality of their performance and service.

She works in close partnership with these businesses, groups, executives and other small business owners to design programs unique to their circumstances.  Proven educational and coaching principles are used powerfully to intervene in problem areas, situations, and behaviors, and to promote new practices, thinking and solutions that support her clients in becoming successful and self-sustaining in their business ventures.

Shira has led workshops designed for professionals in business in the areas of communication, leadership, and success strategies.  She has conducted them for thousands of people in the United States, England, Wales, Russia, and Canada.  She has also coached hundreds of individuals toward constructive personal change, team development, creating trusting relationships and increased financial security.

Before becoming a consultant, coach, facilitator and hypnotherapist, Shira successfully designed, developed and implemented numerous strategic direct marketing programs for various banks, credit card companies, high tech manufacturers and cellular telephone companies.  She has also held high-level management positions and served upon several nonprofit educational and leadership committees.  Shira continues to dedicate a large segment of her professional life to examining the most effective and cutting edge methods to build, lead, and manage organizations, and to coaching people into tapping their natural power and living successful financially productive lives.

Shira is committed to developing extraordinary professionals.  She vows that her clients will experience a profound sense of power, fulfillment, and accomplishment from her partnership.

 "I can imagine the future, and I care about it.

I know I am part of a story that starts long before I can remember, and continues long beyond anyone will remember me.

I sense that I am alive at a time of important change, and I feel a responsibility to make sure that the change comes out well.

I plant my acorns knowing that I will never live to harvest the oaks.

I have hope for the future."

-Danny Hillis

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