Success stories from real people 0_0_0_0_250_185_csupload_38642019who changed their lives with hypnosis:

"I went to Shira because I wanted to get over the anxiety I would feel (which sometimes lead to fainting) when it came to medical things - whether it was going to a hospital to visit someone or a doctor's appointment or just general medical discussions with people about their issues.  Any of these things would "send me over the edge."  It also made it hard to cope if ever I had to revisit the place where I became anxious - once I had an "episode," I would never want to go back to that "place" because I would assume I would feel the same way and not want to be there.

In 4 short sessions, I have been able to visit someone in the hospital and be around people when they have found out that someone was in the hospital, without having the panic attacks or fainting episodes.  Before, something in my mind would just take over and I could not "come back from the dark side."  Now, even if there is a twinge of anxiety, it immediately goes away and does not return and I don't even recall what I was thinking or not thinking to make it stop!

I am living proof that hypnotherapy can be effective - The last time I tried to get over this issue the psychologist told me the only way to do it was to repeatedly drive up to the hospital emergency room until I started to panic and then drive away - do this every day until I can be seated in the emergency room waiting area without panicking - Can you imagine how long that would take???  And who wants to feel anxious every single day driving up to the hospital? Obviously, I never did this and instead found Shira and Q Hypnotherapy!  It is amazing what you can accomplish if you just give it a try."

C.W.  Camarillo, CA

"Iím very happy to report that Iíve been Diet Coke/sodas/drive-thru junk food- free all week.  While Iíve had NO cravings, which is very unusual for me- I am having some caffeine withdrawal Ė so what.  While it may be too soon to know if these habits are gone for good, I did try a sip of diet coke Tuesday (just to ďtest the waterĒ) and it was so nasty I  told my husband, ďI canít drink thisĒ and poured it out, with a big grin on my face.  I had herbal tea instead Ė and THAT tasted great!  Iíve been walking on Cloud 9 ever since.   I have no interest what-so-ever in trying drive-thru junk food.  For the first time ever Iím actually enjoying fruits and vegetables.   I truly believe these bad habits are gone for good, and new ones have taken their place.  Thank you, Shira!!!!

I do have other issues I want your help with, so Iíll be calling to schedule another session soon.  I REALLY enjoyed this experience.  Iím thrilled with the results, and now that I know how effective private, one-on-one sessions are, I look forward to working with you again.

Thanks again for all your wonderful help.  Iím so happy with these results!"

D. N. Ventura, CA

"After barely surviving a painful divorce, I searched long and hard for a true purpose in life. I was not sleeping well, got involved emotionally with a woman that used and abused me, couldn't maintain proper nutrition for energy and was totally not devoted to the exercise routines that kept me healthy for years. Quite by accident, or maybe fate, I met Shira Bush and learned that she was a Hypnotherapist. When nothing else seemed to work for me, I thought why not Hypnotherapist? Having never been hypnotized, I was totally skeptical about even coming close to what I thought a trance was. Absolutely shocked, she was able to put me into a totally relaxed state of transformation.  Now, I see her each week with amazing results.  I sleep better than ever in my life, my emotional attachment to the wrong lady was severed easily to my surprise.... my eating habits are much better leading to regular solid workout routines. Each week, I am amazed with where my subconscious mind lead me through these sessions. Wow!! It is the best experience one can choose for an exciting new life and purpose."
R. R. Calabasas, CA

"I went to see Shira as I was unhappy with my eating patterns and wanted to lose weight and get healthy. The service Shira provided was exceptional, non judgmental and I began to see instant changes in my life. Shira has not only helped me to manage my eating and weight loss, but the results of hypnotherapy have removed emotional burdens that I've been carrying around for years. I started to view my life through a new set of eyes and have begun to realize my potential, and gain a higher degree of self worth. I cannot thank Shira enough and would recommend anyone to go and see her - and be prepared to experience some amazing changes in your life."
S. S. North Hollywood, CA

"Shira is a delightful person and a very effective and professional hypnotherapist.  Shira  listens and customizes the therapy to each client's individual needs.  I was surprised at how quickly she got me comfortable with the process of hypnotherapy.  I was even more surprised at how good I felt after each session--calm, relaxed, and energized all at the same time.  I found her hypnotic suggestions to be very effective.  I have recommended Shira to friends and family and would recommend her to anyone  who needs help with a tough behavioral challenge without hesitation."
S.R. Santa Monica, CA

"I went to see Shira a few weeks ago to quit smoking.  After only one session with her, I am 100% smoke-free!  AMAZING!  I wish I had found her sooner.  I would recommend Shira to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life!"
S.L. Woodland Hills, CA

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."


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